Being a participant in the program was not only the best decision I’ve ever made, but it also provided me with tremendous chances

We spoke with N.Munkhjin, a participant in the Girls Code Program 2021 from Sukhbaatar province. She worked as an intern in the National Data Center’s development department, where she gained experience and developed two programs.

Hello, let’s start our talk by introducing ourselves. What kind of girl is N.Munkhjin? How did you get involved in the Girls Code Program?

Hello, my name is N.Munkhjin, and I am a student at 11th School of Ongon, Sukhbaatar province. An ordinary village girl with huge ambitions. At first, I had no idea what coding was. The notion that the brightest minds from all 21 provinces will be participating piqued my interest. Also, I once read a Facebook post from comedian Ider-Od saying that understanding a little bit about coding would be quite beneficial in the future. As a result, despite having no prior experience with coding, I chose to apply and learn from other girls from the 21 provinces, and I was accepted into the program.

What did you learn from the program? Do you think you significantly changed your life after joining this program?

We studied fundamental programming, Java, basic web understanding, and HTML for two months. We were instructed by teachers from the National University of Mongolia’s School of Applied Sciences. Teachers from the Faro Education Center conducted English classes. I had the opportunity to visit Mongolia’s major information technology organizations and learn from industry experts throughout the training. N.Munkhjin before the program and N.Munkhjin after the program appear to be two completely different people at the present. I’ve been a part of the program for six months. N.Munkhjin felt like a different person throughout this phase. For example, my viewpoint has shifted, and I now have the drive to grow and learn more from my peers. Being a participant in the program was not only the best decision I’ve ever made, but it also provided me with tremendous chances.

We heard you had an internship at The National Data Center. Tell us about it.

I was depressed and wept a lot when I initially started the program since I thought the “code” was something I couldn’t do. However, after all of this, I began to enjoy writing “code.” Then, during my vacation, I wondered why I shouldn’t go deeper into what I’d studied, and if given the chance, I’d like to learn more. My request was granted with an invitation from the organizers of my program. As a result, I joined the National Data Center’s development team and had the opportunity to practice what I learned from the program.

After learning how to write code, it’s great to be among IT engineers and feel the atmosphere.

Yes. I was initially nervous about practicing. I imagined IT engineers to be fairly silent people. However, in reality, the environment was quite pleasant. Engineers working at data centers are extremely busy. Despite their busy schedule, they patiently taught me what I needed to know. During my internship, I indicated an interest in developing a mobile app. We developed a cost-control app and a test-and-answer test app in under two months. Despite the fact that my internship is done and I have returned to my soum, I continue to study the video lectures created by IT engineers.

I wish you the best of luck on your path to self-improvement. In 2022, the initiative will be expanded to become a national program. Do you have anything to say to the girls who are considering participating in the program?

I’m delighted to hear that our Girls Code Program is on its way to becoming a nationwide program. If you have the chance to engage in this program, I encourage you to do so. You will be greeted with a wide-open door. It will be your most significant investment for your future. The most essential thing to remember is to never give up.