The Girls Code Program is still running strong. Teachers from the National University of Mongolia’s School of Applied Science and Engineering are teaching our 30 girls in the program for a total of 322 hours, covering topics such as algorithms, the Internet, website creation, and programming technique.

In addition to courses, the girls will participate in field trips to Mongolian IT companies to get hands-on experience. This time, we were introduced to the operations of SMS Startup Marketing Space and had a discussion with J.Zoljargal, the company’s founder and CEO.

The SMS Startup Marketing Space, which opened in 2013, was one of Mongolia’s first joint offices. The center makes a significant contribution to the growth of start-up businesses, innovations, and information technology, as well as serving as a bridge to many young people’s hopes and goals.

They have now reached 15 provinces and nine districts across Mongolia, assisting young people who wish to establish a business in attracting 2.8 billion MNT in investment and 778 new employment.