International Girls in ICT Day

It’s International Girls in Information Technology Day today. This day is celebrated every year in the last week of April as a day for girls studying in the field. This day is celebrated in more than 150 countries throughout the world to encourage girls and women to participate in this male-dominated industry, to promote gender equality, and to empower girls and women to be powerful agents of change.

In our country, B. Bolor-Erdene, State Secretary of the Ministry of Digital Development and Communications, launched the “Girls Code Program& in 2021, with support from the Ministry of Education and Science, NUM, Khan Bank, Golomt Bank, ICT Group CNT Tech LLC, and the Ministry of Digital Development and Communications. A total of 30 girls from 21 provinces and 9 districts participated in the program, thanks to the support of the Information and Communication Network Company. Ten of the 30 girls in the program are eligible for scholarships to study information technology at some of the world’s most prestigious universities. In addition, B.Margad, a participant from the Gobi-Altai province, earned a gold medal in the National Information Technology Olympiad for designing a website for a secondary school in Tonkhil soum. B.Anudari, a participant from the Khan-Uul district, has started a code writing club at her school and is teaching others what she has learned. Last winter break, N. Munkhjin, a participant from Sukhbaatar province, practiced at the E-Mongol Academy, deepening her expertise and developing two applications. The 30 girls in the Code Writing Girls Program are able to share their knowledge, enhance their skills, and set an example for other girls in this way.

This year, the program aims to enroll a total of 50 girls. The selection of the program will take place in three stages and registration will last until May 2, 2022.